Every year, GLLS applications open in the middle of the Fall semester, around November. Interviews, which are the second and last stage of the selection stage, are held with the students who pass the application stage. The interview results are announced to the students in December. Students admitted to the program begin their GLLS journey in the Spring semester following the Fall semester mentioned.

Unfortunately not, only Koc University students can apply to the program.

GLLS only accepts undergraduate students.

As a track program GLLS requires a minimum of 2.00/4.00 GPA. You should apply next year if you do not hold a GPA at the moment.

Yes, the program has two stages: Fellow and Advanced. After you complete Fellow necessities, you can continue to Advanced stage if you like.

Yes. If you complete responsibilities in the Fellow stage, you will be awarded with a ‘Fellow’ certificate. If you would like to continue and graduate at Advanced level you will be awarded with an ‘Advanced’ certificate.

Applying to a track program is not an obstacle for applying to a double major program. Still, you may get most updated and detailed information from your faculty.

No, If you already took the necessary GLLS courses and completed them, you do not need to repeat the courses. However, the course needs to be taken with credit, and the course should be included to your GPA. Audit courses will not be accepted.

No, you cannot Audit the mandatory courses and course substitution is not available for the mandatory courses. All mandatory courses should be taken with credits by included to your GPA, and need to be successfully completed. To qualify for the track program certificate, students must have earned a minimum grade point average of 2.00 out of 4.00 for courses they took as part of the track program.

In addition to the requirements written in GLLS Journey-Outline section in the website, to qualify for the track program certificate, students must have earned a minimum grade point average of 2.00 out of 4.00 for courses they took as part of the track program. Please visit Registrar Office’s website for further and detailed Track rules. https://registrar.ku.edu.tr/en/procedures/track-programs/

Yes, there are GLLS quotes for GLLS students in mandatory courses of  INTL.365, MGMT.310 and MGMT.360.

No,  each semester, you will be presented various workshops and seminars. You will attend the events that are suitable for your schedule and your time.

Experienced trainers and speakers are invited for workshops and seminars by the GLLS Coordination Team.

Opportunities for international learning experience are extensive. Semester exchange programs, summer internships abroad, summer / winter programs abroad, international conferences, international Fellowship programs are some of these.

International learning experience opportunities are announced regularly to GLLS students. Students can join one of these if they wish, they can be funded according to the budget, and they can participate in the programs they find with their own means.

No, you have to complete all the responsibilities from the program acceptance, from Spring 2021. Semester exchange programs and course obligations are exceptions to this rule.

No. All GLLS activities such as workshops, seminars, off-campus events and other opportunities are announced in the monthly newsletter via e-mail.

We are looking for your motivation, eagerness to improve your learning and leadership skills.You can check out our website and our Medium blog to get a deeper understanding of past GLLS activities and projects which would help you to create a clear image of what we are looking for.

We advise you to fill the application form carefully and elaborately for us to have a better understanding of your standing for the program.

Please log-in to KUSIS,” My Progression Report “appears under the Program Enrollment heading from Self Service section. When you enter the section, you may see ‘Change Program’ next to its main branch. You need to click on it, select ‘GLLS’ and then click on the blue text that says” Show My Progression Report “. It may take seconds to generate the report and then it appears as a pop-up on the same page. If my pop-ups are closed, you cannot view them, you need to allow the pop-up. In addition, I guess it is not on the phone, I suggest you try it from the computer.