Rules and Governance


There is no attendance policy for participating in the GLLS program. A student’s progress in the program depends on their active involvement in the GLLS experiences. Every student is responsible for keeping the track of their progress in the program. Students admitted to the first GLLS stage are expected to complete the required experiences in four academic semesters.

Students, who do not complete the first GLLS stage in four academic semesters, will be negotiated to leave the program. Students who complete the necessary requirements for any GLLS stage should negotiate with the GLLS program coordinator to receive their certificates. Semester-long study abroad experiences can be counted as half of the program requirements for any GLLS stage, if students work to deepen their study experiences by focusing on a specific environmental or social sustainability challenge (green energy, urban sustainability, migration, human rights, etc..) and involving key ecosystem actors (meetings, attending to events, networking, volunteering, etc.). Students should meet with the GLLS program coordinator in order to plan and design a study abroad experience based on GLLS values and principles.


GLLS is designed and coordinated by the Office of International Programs. The GLLS program coordinator at OIP is responsible for program administration and coordination. GLLS has an executive board who meets bimonthly for coordination and administration decisions. Executive board includes members from different Dean of Students units. GLLS advisory board include faculty members who have been involved in the GLLS program design since the beginning and meet once a year to oversee the program development.