Our world is going through a time of disruptive and unprecedented change. Complex and interrelated problems that our society faces in the 21st century require a new collective kind of leadership to collaborate across disciplines, departments and organizations to develop creative and systemic solutions. This collective leadership capacity should be built through the work of young change-makers, equipped with the skills to disrupt existing systems and design adaptive institutions in order to create a just and sustainable world.

Forces that are transforming our world, society, economy and organizations also have an impact on the nature of jobs and workplace. Work today is increasingly collaborative focused on solving complex problems in interdisciplinary and creative ways. Students are required to develop a new skill set to thrive in a world in flux.

The 21st century university experience should facilitate a journey, where students can learn by engaging with real world problems through thinking, doing, creating and collaborating.

GLLS exists to grow students into competent individuals, who can respond to the needs of changing work environments, as well as skillful leaders with the vision of transforming our world and society for the better.

Nilüfer Akpınar Şahin

Nilüfer Akpınar Şahin