Core Competencies

GLLS Foundational Literacies

Global Civics Literacy

Ability to recognize individual’s responsibility towards humanity and the knowledge of interconnected global challenges


Sustainability Literacy

The knowledge, skills and mindsets that help compel an individual to become deeply committed to building a sustainable future and allow him or her to make informed and effective decisions to this end.

Entrepreneurial Literacy

Ability to seek and recognize business opportunities and understand how a business is created and managed at a basic level.


ICT Literacy

Ability to use and create technology-based content, including finding and sharing information, answering questions, interacting with other people and computer programming

Innovation Skills

Creative Thinking

Ability to imagine and devise new, innovative ways of addressing problems, answering questions or expressing meaning through the application, synthesis or repurposing of knowledge


Critical Thinking

Ability to identify, analyse and evaluate situations, ideas and information to formulate responses and solutions

Effective Communication

Ability to listen to, understand, convey and contextualize information through verbal, nonverbal, visual and written means


Effective Collaboration

Ability to work in a team towards a common goal, including the ability to prevent and manage conflict

Personal Qualities


Ability to be aware of and understand one’s own thought processes


Cognitive Flexibility and Adaptability

Ability to adapt the cognitive processing strategies to face new and unexpected conditions in the environment and to hold ambiguity and paradoxes


Personal Power

Ability to use energy and drive to manifest wise actions in the world for the greater good



Ability to effectively direct, guide and inspire others to accomplish a common goal

Initiative and Self–direction

Ability and desire to take a proactive approach and showing persistence in overcoming obstacles that might arise


Persistence and Grit

Ability to sustain interest and perseverence of effort over a long period in order to accomplish a task or a goal


Social and Cultural Awareness

Ability to interact with other people in a socially, culturally and ethically appropriate way